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qq土豪红包群号码大全打电话会话:今天我们要学两个常用语:comatose 和 mobbed

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    Larry本来说好晚上到李华家吃饭,但是迟迟不到,李华不知道是怎么回事,打电话到Larry家。今天我们要学两个常用语:comatose 和 mobbed。 内容来自www.yingyuzhijia.com

    LL: (Tired sounding) Hello?


    LH: Larry, 你怎么还在家里,不是说好六点钟到我这儿来吃饭吗? 内容来自www.yingyuzhijia.com

    LL: What? What time is it?

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    LH: 现在已经快七点了! copyright yingyuzhijia.com

    LL: Oh man, I'm sorry Li Hua. I fell asleep when I got home from work. I was comatose.

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    LH: Coma what? 你昏迷了吗?没出什么事儿吧? copyright www.yingyuzhijia.com

    LL: No, I was just exaggerating, but it was like I was in a coma. I've been asleep for 2 hours. 本文来自qq土豪红包群号码大全之家

    LH: 你这两天是不是又因为赶项目熬夜了? copyright www.yingyuzhijia.com

    LL: It wasn't that bad. I just didn't sleep that well last night. My neighbor's dog was barking all night about something. I was out of it all day, and when I got home, I just passed out, comatose. 本文来自qq土豪红包群号码大全之家

    LH: 我前天晚上在图书馆查资料,实在太累,趴在桌上就睡着了,I was totally comatose for an hour. 最后还是图书馆的工作人员把我叫醒的,因为人家要关门了。

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    LL: I remember the college library being a fine place to take a nap. 内容来自www.yingyuzhijia.com

    LH: 是啊,图书馆里的椅子都特别舒服,而且又安静,免费学qq土豪红包群号码大全网站,最合适睡觉。 本文来自qq土豪红包群号码大全之家

    LL: So what we are doing tonight? What is the plan? I feel refreshed after two hours of comatose. 内容来自www.yingyuzhijia.com

    LH: 我本来计划你过来以后一起吃点儿东西,然后出去看个电影的。 copyright yingyuzhijia.com

    LL: Well it might be a little late to go out to a movie since I was comatose and slept for so long. But I've got a better idea. copyright www.yingyuzhijia.com

    LH: 快说,什么好主意? copyright yingyuzhijia.com

    LL: The movie Top Mission is coming out on DVD today. How about I stop by the rental store to borrow one and bring it over to your place to watch after dinner? 本文来自qq土豪红包群号码大全之家

    LH: 确实是好主意。不过Larry,我怎么没听说这部电影呢?讲什么的?